Small scream

Small scream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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you escape the intruder and being slashed?</a></noscript>

Dont Panic Scream

This will be just like in the movie scream where you must run from the intruder and slam doors in their face even if you are slashed! Maybe not wounded enough to die because in the actual movie scream the person does get away. So horror movies depict often what can happen in real life! Thats why there most be a great deal of demand for directors and producers of horror movies. The movies they make could be a mirror reflection of rhe movie scream! Most horror movies seem to get released when the public is bored. This is often the case and what happened in the movie scream was most likely true in real life to some point. Thats why they produced the movie scream to warn the public of impending events!Blog Directory


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